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Now match your eye color with your costumes!

Date Added: September 28, 2011 06:59:05 PM
Author: pds20
Category: Shopping
Eye make-up is occasionally incomplete without the colored lenses that give you an out-of-the-world look. It is true that the fashion market is bloomed with a huge number of colors for your eyes in a offer to make them look different from the usual. About a decade ago, when contact lenses had just entered the fashion and beauty mart, not many know about them. It was only the fashion and the film industry that had immediate access to its pros and cons. But now that the world is changing at a fast pace, you will notice how everyone who wants to possess eyes like their favorite stars or a bust line to match their favorite models, eventually get them either by way of make-up or surgery, whatever suits their pockets and appeals to them. There are various colors of lenses that help you look very different once they are worn by you. For instance if you have gray eyes and wish to look different by magnificent black lenses, all you need to do is invest in the same and see the difference within no time at all. In the same way you might as well try using the brown lenses for your gray or black eyes to appear extremity apart. With the latest lenses in the market, wearing and removing them is also not a hassle. All you need to do is take an appointment with the best optician around your place and visit him for a live demonstration of the same. Once that happens, you know how to go about wearing and removing the lenses making it easy for you to change the color of your eyes at your will. Blue contact lenses- Blue contact lenses are the most popular choice for those with naturally blue eyes to add that extra depth of color or people with dark eyes who are looking for a dramatic change. Opaque contact lens changes even the darkest eyes into a baby blue eye. Green contact lenses- Green contact lenses come in a wide choice of designs to suit your look, from natural hazel-green to UV colors and funky designs. Green is a very sought after eye color and green lenses make it easy to try it out. We also have a specific range of natural green contact lenses that will give you a subtle look and beautifully natural green eyes. Toned blue contact lenses- The triple tone sky blue colored contact lenses are a terrific way to dramatically alter your appearance temporarily. If you are worried about taking them out and putting them back in each day, you shouldn’t be. These colored contacts can be comfortably worn up to three months. That is quite different than some of the other colored lenses on the market today. Prescription Colored Contact Lenses- In addition to changing your eye color, prescription colored contacts include a lens power which allows you to correct you vision. They not only serves your purpose but also gives a new look to your eyes.
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