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Facts Regarding Expanded Polystyrene Foam

Date Added: May 19, 2011 08:26:14 PM
Category: Business & Economy: Cooperatives
Expanded polystyrene is also known as EPS which is a polymer made from monomer styrene. This in turn is a liquid hydrocarbon, which is usually commercially manufactured by the chemical industry from petroleum. Polystyrene was discovered accidentally in 1893 by Eduard Simon in Germany. Solid and pure polystyrene is a colourless hard plastic having limited flexibility and can be casted into fine detail melds. You may find either transparent polystyrene or in various colours. This is an economical product and mainly used in producing plastic model assembly kits, CD jewel cases, plastic cutlery and other products where a rigid and economical plastic is required. Expanded polystyrene is made up of 90%-95%polystyrene and 5%-10% gaseous blowing agent, usually carbon dioxide or pentane. With the help of heating mainly stem, the solid plastic is further expanded into foam. Initially expanded polystyrene used to comprise CFCs, however now many other environment friendly agents are used. Considering that it is an aromatic hydrocarbon, this material burns with an orange yellow flame in turn giving off soot. Expanded foam can be easily cut with the help of a hot wire foam cutter which you can make by a heated and tight length of wire. To work the hot wire foam cutter, heat it at a point where it can vaporise immediately adjacent to it. Actually the foam gets vaporised even before touching the heated wire and this further gives smooth cut. You can also cut expanded polystyrene with the traditional cutter. To go the traditional way, first dip the blade in water and then cut it at the angle of 30 degrees without running its sides. To get the best and desirable results, repeat the procedure a number of times. Expanded polystyrene, when shaped and cut with a hot wire foam cutter, is used in architectural models, amusement parks, actual signage, movie sets, airplane construction and even aerospace. Expanded polystyrene also contains high thermal insulation power and used widely by the construction industries. The polystyrene gives all types of insulation like home insulation, floor insulation, roof insulation, foam insulation, industrial insulation and reflective insulation. Protect you home and office with the help of expanded polystyrene and live a better and healthy life. Also, this polystyrene further helps you reducing the electricity bills as it consumes less energy in turn saving it. The expanded polystyrene being inexpensive does not even ask huge amount. Styrotech is a leading expanded polystyrene and foam supplier offering packaging and display solutions including polystyrene letters, shapes, sheets, insulation, logos and much more. Expanded Polystyrene For more visit here
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